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 "theatre on the fringe at the very heart of innovation" 
-Peter Wilkins, Canberra Times 4/8/2009 writing of Theatre In A Car 3 -

The Serpent's Tale for THEATRE IN A CAR

Ever thought a play you were watching would make a good movie? And have you ever
then thought it was because, as a play, it wasn't being fully realized. The story and its
potential was being told through the wrong medium? The new Theatre-In-A-Car drama
is The Serpent's Tale. Originally a short story by Leonard Andreyev it was adapted
for the stage by Walter Wykes. Now it has been further adapted for presentation in the
most intimate way (other than by direct silent reading as in literature). Literally presented
in a car, the outside logical world is soon lost as dream logic of theatre immerses the
travellers in this strange and confronting piece. It will be hard to imagine the work being
presented in any other form! Make a booking now to experience this innovative production.
(Peter Wilkins full review of the previous Theatre In A Car can be accessed HERE.)

Feb 6, 7, 8  in 2014(click to book)




In 2007 Jorian Gardner asked Joe Woodward to develop a "theatre in a car" for the Multicultural Fringe Festival held in Canberra. This resulted in the The Celica Of Existence. Two more productions were offered in 2008 and 2009. The resultant works became legendary and so this year, in 2014, Theatre In A Car will again take small audiences of four at a time into the dark universe of imagination with the ghostly driver recounting
The Serpent's Tale.

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Audiences are invited to enter into the dark world of the car . . . a car which belongs to a particular figure and being driven to an unknown destination of the mind. So many of lifes occurrences happen in a car. Theatre-In-A-Car begins with some of these life changing events.

Theatre-In-A-Car is not an obvious theatrical venture. Passengers are not taken on some sight-seeing venture with a funny guide who makes jokes and acquaints sight-seers with the National Capital.

Lucy Matthews in
The Serpent's Tale

The driver has more in common with a ghost than a familiar person. But the driver has to tell a tale to relieve his/her personal psyche and to enrich or warn the passengers. The first step is to get into the car with mystery behind the wheel and then to let the mind wander as the voices and sights enter your own dreams. In less than fourteen minutes, your world will not be the same again. The engine starts and the driver opens up with the tale that cannot be erased by the whims of time or by simply vacating the vehicle . . .

The Serpent's Tale
by Leonard Andreyev and adapted for the stage by Walter Wykes
directed and designed by Joe Woodward
featuring Lucy Matthews as the Driver / Serpent
produced for the National Multicultural Festival Fringe 
Canberra February 6, 7, 8 2014
Shadow House PITS
Jorian Gardner





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