written and directed by 
Joe Woodward
music by 
Konrad Lenz
digital design by 
Jo Howard
inspired by versions of the 
Faust myth by
Christopher Marlowe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Canberra Theatre Centre
Courtyard Studio
8.00pm April 6 - 10  2010
Bookings on sale from Feb 1  2010
Cost: $20 and $15 (concessions)















Derived from versions of the Faust myth by Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ich Bin Faust is set in the time of the Large Hadron Collider. It focuses on a group of students, of diverse backgrounds and obsessions, who are together to produce a production of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. Their real lives intertwine with the play. One suggests God is dead. Another believes the devil is alive and well and just waiting for the advent of the big bang! The limits of belief, knowledge and faith are explored in the ensuring life and death struggle.

In April 2009 a group of students from The Daramalan Theatre Company went to Caloola Farm surrounded by the idyllic mountains south of Canberra. Here they set about relating the texts of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Goethe's Faust to their own lives and world as they experience it. This led to the beginnings of a kind of meta text through which they questioned the generally accepted realities of life and social construction. A presentation was given over two nights in June for an invited audience. Now the work is being revisited and shaped into a theatrical event that reflects the discoveries and explorations from the initial Caloola Farm camp.

Presented by Daramalan Theatre Company in association with Shadow House PITS, the production challenges the notion of theatre as being a reproduction of dead ideas and long resolved controversies. Rather it seeks to weave great works of mystery and insight into the tapestry of the present.

For more information email Joe Woodward at:  jw@shadowhousepits.com.au

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