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Tunnel Drive: theatre in a car
a twelve minute multi-media experience
with video and live performer in a car

First developed and presented for The National Multicultural Festival Fringe in Canberra in February 2008, TUNNEL DRIVE was the second presentation for Theatre In A Car. The first was The Celica Of Existence in 2007. Audiences are restricted to three or four at at time. The car is blacked out with curtains against the windows. A two way video screen is set up on the windscreen with the video rear projected from a projector above the bonnet. An actor is in white face and head shaven sitting behind the wheel. No acknowledgement of the audience is given at any point. He is a ghost who must relive the story and try to make sense of the shadows inside his head throughout a failed life. He returns to the place of his childhood for discovery and truth only to die on the road while leaving.

TUNNEL DRIVE proved scary and very moving. It is an ideal work for festivals because it is only twelve minutes long. Approximately 16 performances are an ideal target for an evening.


Sample Text:

          A small group of people (audience) enters a car; a car like something out of a David Lynch or a Mad Max movie. A MAN with an emaciated whitened face, a deathly face, is seated and silent on the front seat behind the steering wheel. An old radio track is on the car radio. It's like something from the 1960s. We hear the Beatles mixed with 60s hype. The Shadow Friend is silent; still; almost frozen with his deathly face. It's freaky. But the audience are now passengers and they sit.


          The man starts the engine. We feel it rev up. The wind screen is alive with the car's journey. We are aware that it is in fact a projection screen with projections outside the vehicle projected on to it.


          There is surround sound. The sound of the drive is loud and the computer images support the sound.


          It is a surprise as his voice is heard in surround sound. 


          Sound of Record player.


          MAN'S VOICE 

          Oh ... I think I forgot to turn the record

          player off ... Did I turn it off? 


          What is it about the highway as you 

          glide your way through the darkness

          lit only by a tunnel of light from your

          high beam? And you focus on it; you 

          have to focus on it to avoid the great

          sleep ... while all around you are the 

          shadows and glimpses of the passing 

          universe and souls unknown except 

          by their transient glimmering; some 

          minor distraction along with the on-

          coming headlights? And you think you

          are alone with your thoughts while

          your passengers sleep. 




          And who is that passenger who sleeps

          on the seat beside you? Your lover?

          Your brother? Family member? 

          Colleague? Significant other in one's 

          pathetic life? When driving on the 

          highway, what if the person you 

          thought you knew was a total 

          stranger? Take a good look. Look 

          and try to see who the person

          really is ... and then try to 

          imagine the infinite possibilities of

          what might be going on inside this

          person's mind. 


          As you drive at night your eyes can't

          see much more than the road and its markings. Can't even think too much

          outside the road! The road itself 

          becomes all encompassing. Your

          reality is nothing more than perhaps 

          what's been hiding inside your head.

          People who were once so predictable

          become echoes of lost importance.

          They were your imperatives. Once!

          But now all that's there is a lament 

          or a nagging lack of finality; a desire

          for closure.


          MAN'S VOICE 

          The road is treacherous. It has a mind

          that tries to pin point your weaknesses

          in order to label and lampoon you with

          its certainty. And the road is so certain. 

          If it weren't so certain we'd be lost in the

          wilderness fighting savages and nature's 

          own brand of savagery. And what happens

          when the savages destroy the road? You 

          know: put a land mine under foot or bomb 

          in a coke can and leave you stranded 

          without legs or arms or a beating heart ... 


                                      SHADOW FRIEND 

          Oh don't start with all that metaphorical

          nonsense. Everything is simply what

          it is. Just you drive. 


          Don't listen to him. He'll go on and on 

          about something or other ... Muslims or 

          women! Always on about Muslims or 

          women! Look at him hiding behind his

          mask unwilling to come out and face

          his critics! 


          MAN'S VOICE 

          I DO face my critics. I face them every




          No need to become defensive!


          MAN and MAN'S VOICE

          No one's being defensive.



          No one except you! And it's because

          you've got so much to be defensive 



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And, to be sure, the prime criteria for letting out the licence is a passion for the material and a desire on the producer's part to challenge audiences and the respective cultures where the work is to be performed. None of the Shadow House PITS scripts are mere entertainments. All are conceived within the context of personal, social and cultural challenge. You are invited to join us on this quest by producing one or more of these works within your own cultural and community context. We invite you to exercise your imagination and your desire to embrace theatre for change and liberation. Let me know if you find any other offerings on the Internet that have the same or similar aims.

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