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All The Lonely People
Dark Cabaret, Music, Theatre, Poetics and Voices from the Cockroaches of Culture


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Jan 21 2014






 ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE is the fourth in the WITHOUT A VOICE series at Smith's Alternative in Canberra. It features beautiful music of The Beatles, some performed live by Damien Foley; some extracted as significant incidental music and some played over the top. Songs such as ELEANOR RIGBY, IN MY LIFE, and GIRL will generate memory and familiarity.

One doesn't have to be a disciple of Richard Dawkins to appreciate the essence of uncertainty. While many people find comfort in the words of ancient books and the rituals constructed by their followers, others have come to realise how uncertain our existence really is; how all the competing certainties of cultures and world views have provided a sort of ghetto tendency towards engagement with each other and the universe.

WITHOUT A VOICE 4 is essentially a ceremony that is interrupted by an unwanted stranger; the ritual is disturbed and leads to personal challenge. Like the Guest in Coleridge's RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, the audience and other characters at this ceremony are invited to see differently.

WITHOUT A VOICE 4 is the first for the year and is going to continue every two months throughout 2014. Each will evoke something of the "shadow" in the cultural psyche; that dark and unseen force that determines so much of what we imagine to be 'free will'. While religion and science can only access what is either pre-determined or essentially observable, art can speculate and dance with uncertainties and conflicting scenarios through metaphor and the hypothetical. It cannot claim to be right in its conclusions and can only indicate possible gravitations and tendencies. It proclaims the imagination to be prime in people's assessments of their lives and responses to given circumstances; a direct and spiritual engagement unencumbered by limited and competing dogmas each claiming sole possession of truth. WITHOUT A VOICE works within this ambit.

Shadow House PITS seeks performers and audiences for such explorations within literature, art, music and ideas . . . WITHOUT A VOICE is not conventional theatre. WITHOUT A VOICE is a self contained venture into an aspect of the cultural and personal psyches. WITHOUT A VOICE 4, All The Lonely People promises to be an entertaining yet thought provoking stab in the night with unexpected consequences.


Due to very limited seating and legal requirements for such limited occupancy, it is essential that pre-bookings be made for the event.

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